Monday, July 29, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: To The Bat Cave! (Road Trip Essay)

Less than a week ago my neighbor came to me and invited me to go on a road trip on rather short notice.
To be fair, we had been hoping to all year long... but we never accomplished any real planning for it.
Then opportunity opened its doors, and she was quick to greet it.

It was really rather impulsive of me to say yes when she came to me with the proposition, but the excitement overtook me and suddenly it was happening. We were going to Carlsbad Cavern.

My husband wasn't very pleased by my eagerness to accept, considering our trip to Canada was a mere two weeks away, but he empathized with my desperation for mental stimulation, and didn't argue.
Not surprisingly enough, this was also the very first road trip I had taken without either my husband or my mother... so the cards were stacking high in my favor; a chance to experience something at my own pace.

With my husband, road trips mean very little deviation from the allotted plan... but not with my neighbor-- she was quite eager and enthusiastic with all our whims. It took us a while to arrive to Carlsbad and meet up with her friends, but the thrill of adventure, and memories it brought along was completely worth it.

Carlsbad Cavern is located 750 ft underground, which you can take a very quick elevator down to; alternately, you could take the natural entrance, but it closes rather early because the main attractions reside there. The cavern paths are completely paved, and speaking normally is discouraged because your voice will carry roughly a mile-- whispering is encouraged; it's surprising how loud your whispers can be in a cave... I could hear a whispered conversation from a few feet behind me. I can't imagine how talking normally would be like... though I was very tempted to try...

The cavern is HUGE; to roughly quote Fight Club, it's big like you imagine god as big.

My face doesn't always translate my emotions... but I assure you, I was thrilled!
It became clear how completely humbled I was when I realized how sore my jaw was from all the gawking and gaping. Unfortunately, being new to my camera still, many of my own photos didn't quite turn out till I was near the end of its battery life-- I did manage to grab some really great shots, however.

The stalagmites in the Hall of Giants are roughly 60ft tall... but somehow in the photos they seem a mere few feet tall...

I wasn't able to capture the essence of the next photo on my own camera since it was near the beginning when I was still tweaking the settings. Thankfully my neighbor allowed me to use her photo, as it is one of my favorite looking stalagmites.

Photo courtesy of my neighbor and friend

Aptly called the Puppet Show, or as I like to call them: Scherenschnitte!

During our guided tour of the King's Palace, they sat us down in part of the cave... and shut off all the lights.
Never in my life have I experienced such a profound darkness... the feeling was a little like being sea sick at first; in your mind there is nothing around you, you feel the floor yet your mind tells you it's not there; you can hear the sounds, but it's as though you're in a great abyss and the sound is everywhere and nowhere... a feeling that can only be described as an excitable panic begins creeping its way into your gut. 
As the time elapses, another feeling begins washing over you as you come to terms with the darkness-- like being cradled in the arms of something both warm and cold. My neighbor said that her boyfriend describes such a feeling as "being hugged by the earth". It could not be more closer to the truth.

Then very suddenly, the ranger flicks on a lighter. You feel frightened but elated like someone ripping you from your solace, but promising life; you see the cave as it was discovered those many many years ago.
It was one experience I won't quickly forget.

After hours of walking through what felt like miles upon miles of cavern... it came time for the part we were most looking forward to...

...Really, I am excited!!

It was the moment of truth, and as you can easily guess, it was the flight of bats! Cute Mexican fox tailed bats! Where upon hundreds and hundreds fly out of their cavern and go to hunt for the night. It was a magnificent sight to see so many flooding out of the cave... it could've been a much better experience had it not been for the tiny tots that were loud and rather obnoxious; the bats didn't come out in clouds as I expected-- that might've been because it was too loud for them all to come out at once.

I'm one of those types that strongly believes there are certain events not suitable for small children; you need to be very quiet and very still for hours... and I just don't think many young children can be-- and it was apparent that many in the crowd could not be. Parents were told by the rangers to leave if their child began fidgeting, and advised to stay away entirely if the child could not calm down... alas, hardly any one of those parents listened, and dampened the experience for the childless.

Anyways, I digress.
After such a fantastic day... there was nary a thought in my mind that believed it could get any better the next day heading home...
Was I glad to be so utterly wrong.

My neighbor suggested it might be a great idea to pit stop at Roswell and experience the UFO Museum.

The place was kitsch.
But it was thoroughly enjoyable because it was so kitsch. The main attraction was a display of aliens and their ship that every half hour began blowing smoke and making sounds.

Cover of Alien Vogue
The rest was posters of information and images of abductions, and the history behind the crash landing in Roswell.

My absolute favorite part about pit stopping in Roswell was this little hole in the wall place that charged 3 dollars to take as many photos as you like in an area they set up with scenes; I can't recall the name of the place, and I also can't remember the last time I goofed around so much...

In the very back of this area was one of the most astounding feats of sci fi creativity that I have ever been privy to see...
I had just enough juice in my camera to take a couple shots of my own.

Taking pictures of the entire display proved difficult, and somewhat futile; it had little ships in the sky, and quite a magnificent mural painted on the walls (which you can vaguely see)... but these images alone ignite the imagination.

It was extraordinary experiencing this with my friend and neighbor, and I was somewhat glad my husband didn't go... but on the same token, it would've been nice if I could share it with him also... I wish with all my heart that this won't be the last time I visit all these places.

From Carlsbad & Roswell, with love...

P.S. This is off topic, but I notice that a few comments some of you are making are not publishing properly, they show up in my inbox, but aren't displayed on the actual post. I assure you, I'm not deleting them (it would show as deleted by owner, if that was the case), so if you want to make your comment public, make sure it shows up! Otherwise know I appreciate it, and wish I could reply!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: 1st Year Blogiversary

You guys are really remarkable! There's no other word for it-- I feel so inspired to write!
Your questions and critiques helped me asses what I felt needed to be done about my blog; I wanted to take things up a little, but didn't know where to begin. Thanks to you all, I now have a bundle of ideas to apply to future posts.

First on the docket is the announcement of the giveaway! And for that, I really wanted to make a gif for the first time, heh!

And the winner is...

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to

Pardon the atrocious penmanship, I'm running on very little sleep and my hands wouldn't stop quaking-- eep!
I know, I know... I should be taking much better care of myself.

Ok, so now onto the questions! I know I told you all that I would answer all your questions in this post, but a few of you asked some very good questions that deserve good (long) answers. Without making this post too much of an essay, I will break up this portion into two parts; I will answer the other half of your questions in the next post, I promise!

Where do you buy your fabric and are there any patterns that you like the best?
Wherever I can find myself a bargain, hehe. That tends to be at Joann's (because of their weekly coupons), or Walmart (because of their clearance yard bins). With patterns of fabric I tend to be awkwardly obsessive about flocked damasks, and iridescent shantung or dupioni silk... but they are almost always out of my price range, which is why I never get to use them in projects.

What are your (top five) favorite bands 
I’ll be honest, I tried avoiding this question on numerous occasions because I feel judgment will strike down upon me… as it usually does. But since a few of you asked, I'll tell.
You can't really call me a connoisseur of music; I know nothing of the history or the present of music... or even group member names (except for Rammstein). Does that make me bad? I don't think so-- my priorities just lie elsewhere.
I enjoy something from every single genre-- heck I have a few Patsy Cline songs in my mp3 player...
But, for the sake of putting my most listened to groups in 5 slots, here they are:

  1. Rammstein 
  2. Anything that will fit nicely into the genre “Chill Out” (it’s cheating, but I can’t pick a favorite from this genre) 
  3. Depeche Mode 
  4. Alan Parsons Project 
  5. Canned Heat
Shannon Rutherford asks:
Who is the person (or people) that inspire you the most in fashion?

Hard to say... I never really think about who my inspiration comes from. When I was a child I remembering hearing somewhere that an artists' inspiration should come from within, lest your work becomes a copy of a copy of a copy; I never bothered to source it, but I'm sure someone well known said it. The real irony is that art is an interpretation of something... it could be construed as a copy as your eyes see it. Anyway, I digress.

The people who inspire me are the people who absolutely love what they do, and give 100% down to the very last detail, such as presentation. Or people who show a genuine desire for excellence within themselves; constantly growing and learning. And finally, people who are able to see beyond certain societal confines, whether in fashion or behavior, and are able to see that not a single thing lies stagnant and will constantly evolve beyond its origin... thus making it its own entity.

Ok, so that last bit was very specific... but it has true merits within my eyes; it makes my heart flutter when I find kindred fashionistas like that, hehe.

Lynette asks:
Where do you think you have work to improve with your own sewing skills?

Everything... heh.
I’m completely self-taught, and if there is one thing I’ve learned in all the years I’ve had my nose in a sewing book, and at my sewing table… is that I need a proper teacher. There’s no substitute for someone with more professional years teaching you, person to person. The biggest issue for me is learning to fit a body that isn’t present—it has kept me from seriously thinking about selling the clothing I make. I can make someone else a skirt, and that’s it… beyond that, like say a top, and I’m up creek without a paddle. This is mainly due for my lack of confidence with specific kinds of calculations… which flat pattern drafting needs, and lots of; solutions just don’t come as naturally as I need them to be for another person's fit issues. I feel like if I had some tutelage not only would I be privy to the many practical solutions of fitting, but I'd gain the much needed boost to my confidence.

Petit Lutin asks: 
When did you start to sew for yourself ? And how often has it happened that the clothes you were sewing ended up not fitting, or didn't turn out as you expected? 
I started sewing for myself roughly since the 4th grade; making clothes for my dolls and other knick knacks. Sewing clothing began picking up around 7th grade, I think? It was definitely in my jr. high years, that's all I know for certain.
I certainly made plenty of blunders over the years... especially with sleeves, and posterior fit...

Believe it or not, but the majority of clothes I create don't turn out as grand as I envision them-- something always seems to get lost in the translation from my imagination to my hands...
That might be the trait within myself that always wants to improve no matter what, hehe; nothing is good enough.

Victorian Kitty asks:
What got you interested in blogging originally?

Someone I once (and probably still do, regrettably) respected told me that I have many things to share, and blogging would help me to reach out again despite my deep introversion. Admittedly, I tried to mask the alleged reason behind simply needing a place to jot my ideas down. In reality, I took a lot of what he said to heart, and gave it a lot of thought for many months before I decided to just do it.

I wanted to showcase my work, but my introversion peppered with a severe lack of confidence keeps me from succeeding outside of the virtual microcosm. Blogging was and is a surprisingly fun outlet for me; I could show off my latest work, and speak more in depth about the process. But what really set blogging apart from everything else, is that I can speak as freely as I would like about myself... without the burdens of anxiety that it would otherwise bring in literally any other outlet; it somehow manages to escape my deep sense of introversion.


It's hard to believe it's been an entire year since I began blogging... it's not easy talking about myself or anything I do, so doing it for this long (and feeling natural while doing it) comes as quite a surprise to me, hehe. I also craft far more regularly than I normally would if I didn't blog-- you could say that feeling inspired to write, inspires the need to create something to write about! Nice cycle, wouldn't you say?

Thank you for keeping me writing (and crafting)! Here's to many more years of it, cheers!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: My Favorite Everyday Jewelry.

Motivation to sew those shorts you've all helped me to choose is proving to be a rather volatile endeavor. One minute, I'm pleasantly cutting away, and literally the next I just feel bored of it...

I have so much trouble forcing myself to do anything if I'm not into it, and as much trouble starting on other projects after I've begun. As a result, it's taking a while to finish them. I really wanted to make this post about them, but I haven't even started piecing the mock together...

I really wanted to post something, so what I have for you all today is just what the title says; my favorite everyday pieces of jewelry from my collection. I shall start from most worn, to least.


I made this one from the black setting my mother found at the parking lot at her work. It originally had a rather scratched and damaged plastic rhinestone in the middle that I replaced with the skeleton lady cameo. Since it wasn't found with a strand, and was missing one too many accenting little rhinestones, those were also replaced.

I made this one with the full intention of selling it at one of the markets I was selling at. After I completed it, I realized I loved it far too much to let it go, especially because it used only one of only two parts of the setting, and the very last large faceted beads I had left. Its sister was a little more basic, but with the same kind of pendant created from juxtaposed parts to make a whole; it was the first thing sold at my table, heh. I'd say it's right up there with the handful of my greater jewelry accomplishments.

This piece comes with the memory of being a grumpy jewelry-making elitist for the first time. Not the proudest moment of my life, but for some reason it seemed important to argue with a bead store clerk that the bicones were improperly labeled as heliotrope, when they were montana blue...
Heliotrope has a grey undertone, whereas montana blue has a more greenish teal. It's such an insignificant detail, I don't know why it bothered me.

Another piece meant to be sold at a craft fair, but became part of my collection because it was one of the only pieces that didn't end up selling. Admittedly, this took almost no effort to make and I could see the lack of appeal... but I think that's why I like it, because it's such an understated goth piece; most people hardly notice the skull I placed in there.

Partially handmade
My mother purchased me this rosary, and somehow ended up with heaps of sentimental value. The original cross ended up getting caught on something and broke in half. I replaced it with one of my favorite types of cross findings that has a bat in the center, and a skull at the top; I added the small black rhinestone on the belly of the bat to create cohesion with the strand.

Store bought
Part of the illustrious teeny handful of pieces I actually didn't make. I found this one at Claire's one day while walking about the mall with a friend. It was super pretty and in the clearance bin, so why not? Heh. I also made out with a pair of lacey leggings, and some chandelier earrings from that haul, too.


I made a bunch of these in all sorts of colors for yet another craft fair. These purple ones, and a yellow pair were the only ones that didn't end up selling-- so I kept them, though I'm thinking about selling the yellow since I haven't worn them.

Store bought
Another piece of store bought jewelry; I bought these while working for Fairweather clothing company. I bought many things while working there... you could say they were paying me half a pay check each week, because the other half went right back to the store, heh.

Store bought
Ok, so most of my everyday earrings are bought at the store, because I have a tendency to be overly decadent with the things I make... and that collides with my desire for non-dangly earrings for everyday. My younger brother purchased these for me while we were hanging out in China town; I fell head over heels for them, and begged him to give me the cash for them, hehe.

That's that; the pieces I wear more regularly than everything else... at least the ones of note; I usually layer them with plain strands of black acrylic beads.
For the next installment, I'll be showing off the pieces I wear for special/formal occasions. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mortem's Tricks or Treats: Sweetening The Deal


It's only 7 more days till my giveaway is over, and I have to be honest-- I'm a little disappointed by the lack of further interest in it. Thank you to those whom are currently participants and commenters-- you make my heart glow with warmth. On the brightside, I guess this means there's a bigger chance to win *wink wink*.

I thought I had a zipper to make the make up bag... but it turns out I didn't. What this means for the winner is that I'll be adding a few more things to the pile before the deadline.

Today inspiration struck me, and I thought it'd be really neat to create a mug cozy to add into giveaway.

Here it is all finished up! I made one for myself, since I am a huge tea drinker (hot and cold), I figured I'd get far more use out of it. I hope the winner is the same, hehe! This will be the one I put into the giveaway.

It's funny because that tiny little black applique on the skull is what sparked it. I used two others in the creation of the jewelry piece I promised to make for the giveaway.

But anyway, enough talk... here are some progression shots of the mug cozy as it is being made.

I was going to add in two, but I lost the inspiration for the one above it... and I don't I liked how I cut it, anyway-- the bias tape would've covered the skeleton's head.
The inner lining is felt, which makes a perfect insulator for those hot and cold drinks. The lining is a heavy weight canvas material to prevent any sweaty drinks from bleeding to the front of the cozy.

Here it is in action:

Speaking of cute, I'm also quite proud of the necklace I made for the giveaway. I was bummed I couldn't tat it, but I figured that would be the case... I'm just starting to learn how to needle tat, which is a lot different than shuttle tatting.

I had some leftover applique trim that I cut into individual sections; I sewn them together to create a nice little center piece.

Then I tried my hand at a bit of knot tying-- like for hemp jewelry-- for the strand. I slipped in a few black seed beads throughout the length for added pretty.

A few minutes of digging around and I found some plastic pearl beads, purple ribbon rosettes, a charm, and a little length of chain-- perfect!

Next thing you know, I created a piece of jewelry from nothing but the scraps and things I had lying around, hehe.

I love it so much, I am going to use this same train of thought and creation to revamp an old necklace I made some time ago; I still have several applique pieces, lots of seed beads and string to make one more.

Stay tuned! These aren't the only things that will be added to my giveaway before the deadline (July 22nd)!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: All That Glitters.

A few of you have expressed a desire to see more of my handmade jewelry.
Part of the reason I don't solely showcase handmade jewelry is because it's hard for me to get back into that hobby when most of my supplies and tools are back North in Canada. What I sold after the move to AZ is currently one of a kind, but I sold it knowing I could recreate it once again when I get those supplies down here... if I ever get them down here.

What I took with me were my absolute favorite pieces, and that my friends, makes up under half of what I really own. Another little factoid: less than 1% of my collection wasn't made by me... that number can also be said for my current collection. That is how much I enjoy(ed) creating jewelry, and wish it worked out as a business.

But anyway, I like appeasing suggestions. However, it would take a gallery page to display my past jewelry work... and I deleted that long ago after admitting defeat. I tried starting fresh with a new DevArt account, but sadly it hasn't seen an update in months. I planned on updating my old work and submitting it to the new account... but the wound to my pride left after the failed attempt to sell my creations is still kind of tender, and hinders the enthusiasm needed for anything revolving my work in jewelry...

Baby steps.

And that's the silver lining to this; because there is a little interest in my jewelry, I'll show you what I got! Or rather, how I have it-- this request came with the added bonus of giving me the motivation to actually organize it all, heh.

This was the mess it was before...

I am a recovering 'messy person'...

And thanks to a little trip to the dollar store, I found myself this:

Then promptly adapted it for this

Which of course, meant this!

I promise for next time, I'll show you all my favorites of the fav-- and perhaps a little more "history". For now, come relish in the entertainment and joy cats bring us on a daily basis...

Poe seems to love attempting to sit like his adoptive humans...
And yes, he really does sit like that quite often-- not just to lick his nether parts. Cats are quite the enigma.... 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spooky Basket: Face Value-- Part 1

Yikes, a makeup post following a make up post; sorry for the redundancy but I felt like this took a little more precedence over an outfit post.

One of the hardest parts about moving to a new country is finding new favorites... favorites of everything!
Food, entertainment, and most of all products.
My mother has been a real gem, sending me care packages of some of my favorite make up and treats from back in Canada. But I really can't expect her to keep that up, nor do I want to burden her with asking for specific things.
Plus, I don't like waiting for anything if I'm desiring it; I am very impatient outside of my crafting and sewing.

Replacing my old make up favorites that are unfortunately commonly found in Canada and overseas parts of the world posed a bit of an issue; they were Annabell and Anna Sui. This has always been a source of high trepidation for me because I'm actually very sensitive to many products, but I love make up-- catch 22. So when I find products that don't make my skin rabid, I tend to stay quite loyal.
Then I heard the word on wet n wild, and became quite curious; boy their lip colors and shadows sure made me a fan but quick. We do have wet n wild in Canada, but their full range is easily found here in their originating country, and it's a far more mature brand than what I used to know when I was younger.

Based on my previous success' with Wet n Wild, I decided to give their foundation Coverall line a try.
I bought the powder and cream. Their concealer didn't receive enough raves for me to justify making a purchase, so I went ahead and purchased the most raved about drugstore concealer: Hard Candy's Glamoflauge, which comes with a pencil and cream. I'm not sure how, but I accidentally bought the concealer in light when I meant to buy it in the shade down from it. On a note about that, the difference between the shade I needed was almost insignificant compared to the shade I accidentally grabbed instead, so that probably didn't help the mistake... I was also in a rush because of my husband-- he hates shopping in any form. Regardless it's definitely pretty pale on me, and to think they still have a shade even lighter than it.

I wanted to give these products several days of trial before writing this review because I know these aren't the tippity top brands there is out there, so there was a lot of room to err. 

Here are the swatches on my arm; the swatches appear lighter than they are on my face because my arms are the most tanned part of my body.

Ok, so the concealer is the exception, I am normally a light medium so this comparison just looks silly and horrid! Haha. But it shows you how pigmented these are-- they're exactly what the package says: heavy duty.

The wet n wild cream foundation is like gold in a bottle, I'm not even exaggerating. It blends and builds so smoothly; you can even see how well the cream is blending into my arm which is almost 3 shades darker than my face. I can't believe it's only $3-$4 per 1 fl. oz. (29.6 ml). It easily bested, and transcended my usual Annabell SkinTrue. I did also notice the same thing others have; it blends really really well just using your fingers, or a damp blending sponge, but it doesn't blend as seamlessly with a  foundation brush... I found that a little weird, as well.

The powder is also a real gem, in that it can be used for full coverage or light/translucent, which I use. Although it's a pressed powder, it's quite loose and feels almost velvety; I'd like to say that it acts more like a mineral powder makeup than a mineral powder, but I only used one type of mineral make up in the past and I hated it... so my basis of comparison is askew on that. All I know is that if you use a powder puff and roll it on, the coverage is amazing, and if you use a face brush to dust it on, it works perfectly to mattify its counterpart.

My biggest gripe is the packaging of the cream foundation; it really sucks. The nozzle is too big, and is prone to exploding in large wasteful globs; it has already happened to me three times, which probably equated to half a teaspoon of wasted product.

Unfortunately, I'm not the greatest example of a person who uses full coverage, seeing as my daily facial routine has left me with skin I'm quite proud of-- thus I only use foundations and concealers to even out my skin tone and cover the occasional blemish. I did at one point suffer from mild acne before I began this regime of mine.
Anyway, I digress.

Here are some before and after photos using all the mentioned products:


My forehead and muzzle areas are significantly darker than the rest of my face, but I wasn't able to capture the unevenness as it is like in person-- I did attempt to increase the contrast a little in this photo, which in turn kind of helped to show my blemishes and some of the more darker patches. There's also a significant amount of redness on my cheeks, but that didn't photograph in at all.


I didn't use any product on my neck purely out of rush; I hoped to briskly convey the coverage, and now it just looks sloppy, heh. But from an analytical stand point, you can see that the blemish on my hairline and brow is successfully concealed... but as previously noted, the concealer is a little too pale for my skin tone, hence blending wasn't as successful. I used half the product on the lower half of my face, than I did my upper half; evening it out makes that much of a difference.

As a side test, I baited my husband into helping me out with this experiment, so that I could portray to you all the extent of the coverage this concealer gives.

Before and after
I only used make up on the tan line of his sunglasses, and a little more around it. Bare in mind, this is the absolute lightest coverage application (he was being whiny during the process) so a few more layers would've made it all just disappear... but he didn't give me much of a chance to try further.

To wrap up this already extensive review:

  • Highly pigmented color for the concealer, but it is easily blended (given the right shade)
  • It goes without saying, however it is one of the biggest pros; they are all super affordable
  • Foundation powder and cream build easily for full coverage; perhaps my husband will lend me his entire face to prove this, but it's easily seen on other blogs and vlogs. They're also fantastic for light coverage.

  • The tube for the foundation cream is highly prone to exploding; I knock it upside before opening it as a solution to this. This product comes out fast, so you don't need it near the nozzle.
  • There isn't a huge range of shades in either product; especially the Coverall. They only really offer very fair to just slightly darker than medium.

Next Up for 'Face Value' Part 2: My very recently updated facial routine.

P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't done so already! It's open to anyone around the globe that has a mail box.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fashioning My Cyber Microcosm: Favorite Things Giveaway

Thanks to Dark Links for featuring me in their recent post, I managed to reach 100 readers before my blogiversary on the 22nd.

I might as well couple the two into one big giveaway, seeing as the 22nd isn't that long from now.
Unfortunately, I only prepped enough goodies for a blogiversary giveaway... so some of the stuff I still want to add won't be shown along with the main goodies; I'll update this post when I finish them.

I'd like to thank my readers old and new for keeping me going; without you to keep me motivated and excited, blogging would've stopped after a few posts, heh.

In order to make that feeling somewhat mutual, I'd like to share with one winner a bundle of some of my favorite things.

This giveaway has ended

What's In The Box?! What's in the box...

  • Wet 'n Wild eyeshadow trio pallet in 'Don't Steal My Thunder'
  • Wet 'n Wild megalast lipstick in 'Cherry Bomb'
  • L.A. Colors jumbo eye pencil in 'Sea Shells'
  • Mascara Applicator Trinket
  • Handmade spooky mug cozy
  • Handmade piece of jewelry
How To Enter!
  • You must be following my blog; pretty important one-- it is the difference between your entry counting and not counting. 
  • Comment on this post; though I might be shooting myself in the foot by asking for this, I'd like to hear your critique-- what am I doing right or wrong, what would you like to see more of... etc.
  • For a bonus entry, ask me a question! I will answer them in my blogiversary post.
This giveaway has ended
Winner will be announced on my blogiversay post.

It's no secret to some that I'm rather a fan of wet n wild products; they're cruelty free, they're affordable, but most of all they're quite surprising quality. Since receiving two pallets for my birthday, it was love at first use. They're quite pigmented, and have a nice subtle shimmer; great for everyday. I chose this pallet to give away because it's the most neutral, but vampy.

Yet another wet n wild product, but one that's much raved and ranted over... it's their megalast lip colors.  For the more spookier folk, there are lots of raves on their Cherry Bomb and Vamp It Up colors. Since my first purchase of these, I haven't stopped wearing them. They're highly pigmented; cherry bomb in specific has become my everyday color-- it's like a dark cherry, but I like to darken it further using a black liner; as seen in the post before this one. Heck I am wearing Vamp It Up in my profile pic; it's a really great dark purple, but since the color of that photo is altered it's not the greatest example of that color...

I love absolutely love jumbo pencils, but I also love a good affordable dupe; so I spend less on my make up, and more on my sewing and crafts! Heh. L.A. Colors offers such dupes for Nyx jumbo pencils. Many make up tutorials use Nyx Milk pencil, so when I heard about L.A.'s Sea Shells being just as good for a couple bucks cheaper, I ran for one. I gotta say, it's quite the dupe; I couldn't tell the difference. I bought other colors, but I am offering Sea Shells since white is so often used as a base for those wicked looks!

I'm a huge gadget person, and recently my gadget obsession has started shining its light towards make up application. On ebay, I find tons of good quality rips; like the beauty blender dupe, for example. I ordered myself a two-fer of this curious looking tool, one of which is being offered up. It is a mascara applicator tool, and its become an integral part of the reason why I now wear mascara. I could barely be bothered to apply it in the past. I'm very clumsy when it comes to applying mascara, mainly because I hardly have lashes to speak of-- I practically have no lower lashes. But this tool helps me to grab those lashes easily and quickly, with no fuss or mess in the end, thus mascara is now part of everyday looks.

Here is a pictorial explanation of how to use it:

use the bottom comb end to spread and comb lashes after application to minimize clumping.
Don't worry, yours will still be packaged-- mine just so happens to be the same color, hehe.

Handmade by me:

Mug Cozy
Pretty little necklace

Thank you for your continued support!
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